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Back and neck pain are associated with a wide range of underlying causes. While many of these conditions can be successfully treated with conservative methods, others require a more extensive approach. When considering neck or spine surgery, you can rest assured Dr. Alexios Apazidis can provide a definitive diagnosis and compose a fully personalized treatment plan.


Dr. Alexios Apazidis

Is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon located in New York City. His goal is to provide every patient with a personalized evaluation that will determine the source of their pain or dysfunction and determine the best possible solution. Sometimes that means surgery but more often it means nonsurgical care.


Dr. Apazidis’


is geared towards avoiding the need for surgery and providing your body with every opportunity to improve and heal itself in order to improve your quality of life.

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Like the cervical spine, the shoulder is a very flexible joint.  It is this flexibility that makes it vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, patients often refer to “shoulder” pain that actually represents a spine problem, as well as, “neck” pain, that is actually a shoulder problem.



Spinal injuries can come from a variety of sources.  Any high speed or high energy accidents will injure the spine and that can mean neck and lower back pain.  Many patients are surprised to experience prolonged symptoms.



Neck injuries can lead to symptoms of pain, muscle spasm, inability to hold your head up, and sharp, shooting pain and tingling with numbness and weakness going down the arms. Any symptoms lasting more than a few days should lead the patient to consult a spine surgeon.



At this time, we are demanding more from our bodies for a longer period of time. Work, leisure and sport activities take their toll on our knees. The main goal for any orthopaedic surgeon is to keep you active and healthy, while being pain free.



Not all problems of the spine require surgery, but sometimes they need more help than just medications and physical therapy. Pain management is a term that refers to interventional procedures that are invasive but not considered to the same magnitude as surgery.

Total Disc


Total disc replacement represents an important leap forward in the care of the spine. Before hip and knee replacement surgery was available, arthritis and cartilaginous deterioration were treated with steroid injections and joint fusions.



Cervical Spine Surgery

After my car accident I have never been the same. I had MRIs and about 5 consulta with different surgeons, in the hopes that I would here that I didn’t need surgery. Unfortunately, all doctors agreed on the severity and need to for surgery. As a healthcare provider myself I was more afraid of the outcome of such serious surgery especially on the cervical spine. I wanted to feel better but not at the risk of becoming more disabled. In this process I was referred to Dr. Apazidis about a 1 yr after, I saw him and I saw his confidence in his work pouring out of him. He was so thorough with explanation, illustration by viewing my MRI cd, not even cutting corners by reviewing a report of the MRI read by someone else. He knew his stuff, so much that he told me if I ignored this I will eventually be nearly paralyzed from my upper extremities. Of course, I’m young so I didn’t believe that part so I left and decided to ride out the pain. But 6 months later, I realized more tingling, numbness and pain not only headaches, neck pain but now my hands, thumbs contracting and very painful. Then when I noticed I could grab things and I was dropping most items from my hands most of the time, this is when I called the only doctor that gave me the reassurance with his confidence Dr Apazidis. After a new MRI with worst results and another consult we scheduled the surgery. A week after the surgery I was up, feeling better. He was so attentive preop and postop. Such a great doctor and he is really good at what he does!!

- D Munoz

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