Neck Injuries

Injuries to the neck or cervical spine are particularly concerning because of the vulnerability of the spinal cord, the decreased space available for neurological structures, and the lack of effective nonsurgical options for these problems. For its own protection, the cervical spine is encased in the bony cage formed by the vertebral bodies.  Unfortunately, the flexibility of the discs that separate those vertebrae makes them vulnerable to herniation. This means that the disc material extrudes into the tight space where the cord and nerves reside. Since the nerves are surrounded to the protective but hard bone, they get crushed which leads to symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms.  Due to the anatomic disturbance, treatment does typically involve surgery to correct the problem. The good news is that these types of surgeries are short in both surgical and rehabilitation duration. The surgery is typically under an hour and is done as an outpatient day procedure, there is rarely need for formal rehab, instruction in home stretching exercises is provided, and most patients are able to drive themselves to the 1 week follow up appointment.

Instrumented (ACDF)

Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion

Is a spine surgery that involves approaching the spine from the front of the body to remove disc or bone material from in between two adjacent lumbar vertebrae. The procedure may be performed either as an open surgery or using minimally invasive techniques.

A decade of

Private Practice

After completing his training, Dr. Apazidis went into private practice in New York where he has been treating patients since 2010. He is proud of his track record of thousands of satisfied patients who are doing well and have returned to work, leisure and sports activities. He has hundreds of patient reviews as a testament to his devotion to providing the best quality medical care to his patients.

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