Pain Management

Not all problems of the spine require surgery, but sometimes they need more help than just medications and physical therapy. Pain management is a term that refers to interventional procedures that are invasive but not considered to the same magnitude as surgery. Pain throughout the spine, as well as, the joints of the shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, and hands, can be treated with injections of steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, and local anesthetics. These minor procedures can be quite effective but can also be short-acting. Regardless, they contribute to our understanding of the source of the pain, can aid in planning surgery, and certainly at least have the possibility of long term pain relief and the avoidance of further procedures. Depending on the magnitude of the problem and the anatomic appearance on the MRI, we will discuss whether pain management modalities are appropriate and what the expectations are.

Dr. Apazidis

How does Pain Come About?

Pain can come from anywhere. Whether you play professional sports or work at a desk job. Here’s an in-depth video from the Doctor himself on how and when pain comes from.

A decade of

Private Practice

After completing his training, Dr. Apazidis went into private practice in New York where he has been treating patients since 2010. He is proud of his track record of thousands of satisfied patients who are doing well and have returned to work, leisure and sports activities. He has hundreds of patient reviews as a testament to his devotion to providing the best quality medical care to his patients.

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