Total Cervical Disc Replacement

Total disc replacement represents an important leap forward in the care of the spine. Before hip and knee replacement surgery was available, arthritis and cartilaginous deterioration were treated with steroid injections and joint fusions. Similarly, degeneration, injury and spinal pain have been treated with fusion procedures. Today, we would never consider knee fusion as a primary treatment choice. In the same way that hip and knee replacement surgery has revolutionized the treatment of joint disorders, disc replacement surgery has allowed surgeons to restore pain-free motion to the spine. Now, because of the multiple joints of the spine, and the complexity of each joint-segment, not all patients and pathology are candidates for disc replacement surgery. Your surgeon will review your specific case, your symptoms, and your imaging studies in order to determine if disc replacement surgery is the right choice for you. Regardless of the final determination, total disc replacement should be considered as an option for every patient and should be a part of the conversation about the best possible treatment choices.


The First Cervical Disc FDA Approved

Features patented mobile bearing technology becoming the First Cervical Disc FDA Approved for Both One and Two-Level Indications. Designed to facilitate both independent and coupled motions similar to natural cervical spine motion.

Mobi-C Artificial

Disk Replacement Surgery

The Mobi-C is an artificial disc for the neck. It’s designed to flex like the spine and restore segmental motion and disc height. This device is perfect for young active patients that are recovering while doing active jobs or activities.

A decade of

Private Practice

After completing his training, Dr. Apazidis went into private practice in New York where he has been treating patients since 2010. He is proud of his track record of thousands of satisfied patients who are doing well and have returned to work, leisure and sports activities. He has hundreds of patient reviews as a testament to his devotion to providing the best quality medical care to his patients.

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